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Treble Set to Ride Four Wide...

Charlotte, pre-race:

Craig Treble is eager to get to the Inaugural NHRA Four-Wide Nationals this weekend at zMax Dragway in Concord, N.C., and ride the newly-revamped Valvoline Motorcycle Oils Suzuki four-wide down the quarter-mile.

After his semifinal finish at the Pro Stock Motorcycle class season-opener in Gainesville, despite the team's having to rush to get the bike ready for the race, Treble is optimistic that changes in these last two weeks have improved the Suzuki's performance.

"I'm excited," said Treble, who returned to Don Schumacher Racing this season after a limited stint with the team in 2008. "We've been working like wild men on this bike. Before Gainesville, we had about three weeks' time to prep this bike and get the Valvoline colors on it, so it's been pretty hectic since I've gotten back to Indy.

"Steve (Tartaglia, crew chief) has definitely got a plan for Concord. He's been moving some weight around on the bike. I'm a little bit heavier than the previous riders who have been on it, so we had to put the bike on a little bit of a diet, in addition to myself.

"We're just working hard and trying to get this bike where it needs to be. We ran in Gainesville almost 15 pounds heavy, so we're getting the bike weight down, and I'm getting my weight down. That alone is going to pick us up e.t.-wise."

Although he only weighs 145 pounds at 5’4”, "I could lose about another 5-10 pounds," he said.

"Running four-wide is going to be different," added Treble, who has 14 national event wins in 29 final rounds to his credit. "The fans are going to love it, I know that. I watched it from the stands when they did the exhibition runs for Top Fuel and Funny Cars last year, and that was pretty exciting.

"The different aspect to the Pro Stock Motorcycles and the Pro Stock cars is we have to leave on the rev limiter. We go wide-open throttle before the Tree comes down. So, knowing when all four people are fully staged and it's time to put it on the rev limiter is going to be the challenge. I guess they've got a system figured out by adding a bulb at the top of the Tree. That should let everybody know that, OK, all four of us are staged.

"It's just going to be a matter of adapting. Fifteen other riders and I are going to have to figure that one out. I'm going to have to be like a chameleon and adapt as quickly as possible so we can be competitive.

"We still haven't had the time to put the engine on the dyno, but we know the Valvoline Motorcycle Oils Suzuki runs well. Steve's been in the engine room, and we've worked on the Suzuki all last weekend.

"Everyone at DSR is pitching in. We all have the same goal; we all want to win the race."

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