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Treble Rides Four-Wide to Number 8...

Charlotte, Saturday:  

Craig Treble rode the Valvoline Motorcycle Oils Suzuki Pro Stock Motorcycle into the No. 8 spot in qualifying for the Inaugural Four-Wide NHRA Nationals at zMax Dragway.

He posted his quickest lap of 6.954 seconds at 189.95 mph in the final session, which followed a 7.196/185.41 (No. 16) and 6.991/189.04 (No. 7) on Friday. Earlier today, he clocked a 9.710/88.83 (No. 8).

"We had a two-step malfunction in Q3 today," said Treble, "so it didn't work right. I ended up leaving on the high side, so we launched this thing at over 13,000 rpm, and it was a wild ride. I was on for one hell of a ride.

"Steve (Tartaglia, crew chief) had a good tune-up, and basically had the same tune-up in it for the fourth hit, and ran a .95. After we came back Steve checked out the engine and he saw a couple of things he didn't like, so we just pulled the motor out and put our Gainesville motor back in and hopefully we'll have something for them tomorrow.

"This four-wide racing is different. You can't say anything bad about it, because it's so new. You just have to get used to it. It's different.

"It's like a light show out there when everybody's trying to stage up, because everybody's trying to get in real fast and it seems like all four guys seem to stage at the same time. It's just, Whoa, so the last hit I just kind of went in slow, let everybody roll on in there, made sure everybody was in, and then I went in.

"You have to be careful about that because you don't want to time yourself out. It's a double-edged sword.

"We have only 10 passes on this bike, so we're still learning."

Treble faces Matt Smith, Douglas Horne and Junior Pippin in the four-wide opening round of Sunday's eliminations.

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