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Treble Ends Qualifying Number 2...

Madison, Saturday:  

After grabbing the No. 1 spot in Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying on Friday, Craig Treble slipped to second place when Hector Arana overtook him for the pole today at the 14th annual NHRA Midwest Nationals. Treble was set to defend his time, but a spectacular engine failure in the third qualifying round dashed his chances. The 6.907-second pass at 193.05 mph he set on Friday stood, while Arana posted a 6.905/194.46.

“I went to shift it into second gear and it just blew up,” explained Treble. “It blew up hard, too. I was on the rev limiter and went to shift and it just blew up. That’s where all the smoke came from. It threw me forward and my helmet hit the windshield. We even had to replace the windshield because it was cracked. It’s a crying shame.”

After an engine change in the Valvoline Motorcycle Oils Suzuki, Treble ran 7.032/190.51 in the final session, unable to regain the top spot.

“What an up-and-down weekend so far, to say the least,” said Treble, twice a runner-up at Gateway International Raceway, located just outside of St. Louis. “This morning on the first run, it was really rough. We absolutely destroyed a really good motor. Obviously it was good after the times we laid down yesterday. We put another motor in there and it is a good motor, too; we just have to get a handle on it.

“We’ll be OK tomorrow. I know the Suzuki is fast and Steve (Tartaglia, crew chief) has a good handle on it and it’s easy to ride. We’ll just keep slugging.

“We haven’t even downloaded the data on this thing yet, we just know it was off on that last pass. It should’ve run a lot faster than that. We should’ve been a tenth quicker than that. I’ve got the utmost faith in Steve, so I’ll do what I do and he’ll do what he has to do and we should be fine tomorrow. We’re not going to hold our heads down.”
Treble faces Wesley Wells in the opening round of Sunday’s eliminations.

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